AAUP Chapter Services

The AAUP is the only organization that represents the interests and aspirations of all faculty members. Over its long history, it has advocated what are now widely accepted standards for tenure, shared governance and academic freedom. The Indiana Conference of the AAUP does its part in furthering this work by offering Hoosier academics a wide range of services.

The Conference provides support and assistance to individual faculty members and AAUP chapters. The Chapter Services Program aids chapters with leadership training and membership development. The Conference can help chapters with media relations, financial analysis services and advice on academic governance issues. The conference will also train local chapter leaders in such matters as academic due process and grievance procedures. The Conference sponsors a legal referral program that has assisted a number of members. Members receive low cost consultation fees with a lawyer expert in legal and education law. Interested members can contact Kevin Betz or Sandra Blevins at http://www.betzadvocates.com/

The Indiana Conference's Committee stands ready to assist faculty members who have been denied due process in questions of tenure or retention, or who have suffered violations of their academic freedom. Any grievance that comes to Committee A will be considered. If the Committee believes that the complaint has merit, it will, depending on circumstances, either pursue that matter on the state level, or refer the case to the national office. Every faculty member in Indiana should know that if he or she gets in trouble, there is a place to turn.

For more information on the Indiana Conference's Chapter Services Program or Committee, please contact Rebecca Mullen, Department of English, Vincennes University, Vincennes, IN 47591, murphy@hanover.edu.

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