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From their inception the Indiana Chapters of the AAUP have worked together to promote academic freedom and tenure. Each chapter operates within the framework of it's individual bylaws and at the same time works collective at the state level within the framework of the Indiana Conference of AAUP.

Ball State University

Ball State University began as a small private teacher training school in 1899. In 1922, the Indiana General Assembly changed the school's name to Ball Teachers College and the institution became a university in 1965.

Indiana State University

Indiana State began as a Normal School in 1865 and retained the name Indiana State Normal School until 1929 when it became Indiana State Teachers College. In 1961 the institution became Indiana State College and in 1965 became Indiana State University.

Indiana University - Bloomington

Indiana University traces its beginning back to 1820 when the institution was constituted as a Seminary. In 1829 the name was changed from the State Seminary to Indiana College. In 1938 Indiana College was renamed to Indiana University.

Indiana University - East

The Trustees of Indiana University establish IU East in 1971 as one of seven regional campuses. With funds raised by area citizens, the trustees purchase 225 acres of land in Richmond, Indiana.

Indiana University - Northwest

Established in Gary, Indiana, in 1963, IU Northwest is located on a 36-acre campus in the northwest corner of the state. The institution is a focal point for our students and the region. With an enrollment of over 5,000 students, the institution offers a variety of programs.

Indiana University - Purdue University - Indianapolis

IUPUI was created in 1969 as a partnership by and between Indiana and Purdue Universities, with IU as the managing partner. With over 29,000 students, IUPUI is the second-largest campus in the Indiana University state wide system.

Indiana University - Purdue University - Fort Wayne

Indiana University and Purdue University opened the combined campus of IPFW in 1964. The administration of the institution was merged in 1975 resulting in a regional campus managed by Purdue University.

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